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Proper Conduct

Students should respect each other and the instructor/staff when in studio. Students are not allow to spot one another unless they have taken a proper spotting class. No fighting or arguing in the studio. This is a studio built on inclusiveness. Anyone found acting or speaking in a way to create an environment that is hostile to anyone will be asked to leave immediately. Please report any instances you encounter or witness to the studio owner.

Age Requirement

Phoenix Rising Dance and Fitness caters to women 18 years of age and older. We do not allow minors, even if they are with an adult. Age is required when signing up for an account and the waiver requires the client to attest to being 18 years of age or older. If the studio questions the age of the client, the studio reserves the right to ask for identification or proof of age.

All Female Studio

We chose to create a space which caters to women only to provide a safe, judgement-free zone for women. If you are a transgender female, we will accept anyone who identifies themselves as a female and live their everyday life as such.

Late Policy

Any student more than 10 minutes late to class will may not be allowed to attend class. The instructor will have discretion at 10 minutes. If a student is 15 minutes or later, they will not be allowed in class. The instructor has no discretion at this point. This is both for the safety of the student and to not disrupt the class after it’s started.

Cancellation Policy

Whenever there is a late cancellation, this removes an opportunity from another client who might have wanted to take the class. This is why the late cancellation policy is put in place. Please note the studio has a 8 hour cancellation policy on all regular classes, 72 hour cancellation for series classes, specialty events and workshops, and 7 day advance notice on cancellations for private parties. All early cancellations will be given studio credit to reschedule the class/party/workshop.

Late cancellations will be charged a $15 late cancellation fee for each late cancel if clients have more than 1 late cancel per month. Late cancels on classes will result in the class being forfeited by the customer. The class will NOT be credited back to the customer’s account if it is a late cancel. There is a $20 fee for Unlimited members as they do not lose a class pass when they late cancel. No Shows will incur a $20 fee for drop in and Star/Diva members. Unlimited members will incur a $25 fee. Students get 1 cancellation or 1 no show waived per month. (not 1 each) After the 1st no show or late cancel, the fee will be applied.

Customers must cancel all regular class registrations through MindBody and contact the studio at info@phoenixrisingdancefitness.com to parties and other special events. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS, only studio credit for early cancellations and no exceptions to the late cancel policy.

Studio cancellations: The studio may cancel a class due to low attendance, inclement weather, or an unexpected emergency. The studio will alert all registered students via email and phone if cancellation is less than 4 hours of class. The class will be credited back to the student’s account if the studio has to cancel a class.

Class Cancellation

There will be instances when the studio might have to cancel classes. If the studio have to cancel classes due to no fault of the client, the client will be credited the class back into their account for future use. Unlimited members Possible (not limited too) reasons for class cancellations: Class minimum of at least 3 students is not met within 8 hours of the class. (Studio has discretion of whether they run a class without the 3 student minimum.) Inclement weather Studio/Instructor emergency If a class must be cancelled, the studio will email all students scheduled for the class, push out a notification on the studio app, and post on Facebook page and private studio FB page. Please make sure you are a part of these communication vehicles.


All classes must be registered in advance. Walk-ins are only allowed for existing students. Walk-ins are only allowed if there is space available in class. If a student comes to the studio without a reserved spot, the studio cannot guarantee a spot in class.

Proper Attire

Please see “What to Wear” section of FAQs for individual classes. Proper attire should be worn at all times. Clothing should cover all necessary areas to insure proper hygiene and not become gratuitous or vulgar. No nudity. No over-exposure of the breasts (nipples should not show). No thongs unless specified in the class description.

Food & Beverages

Only water based products should be in any of the dance studios. All other food and beverages should be consumed in the break room. No gum is allowed in the dance studios.

Photos and Videos

Phoenix Rising Dance and Fitness may photography or video during class with the permission of the students for advertising and marketing purposes. If the student do not wish for their image or video be used by Phoenix Rising Dance and Fitness, please provide such request in writing to the studio at info@phoenixrisingdancefitness.com or in person. The studio has the rights to use any photo or video taken in the studio unless written request not to do so is received form the student. Prior to videoing or taking photos in class, please ensure that you gain permission from other students that may be in the shot. We want to respect the privacy of all our students.


The studio does not allow observers in classes unless previously approved by the studio. Everyone attending class must have a paid reservation for the spot. This is an all female studio. No males are allowed outside the reception area unless approved by the studio or if they are attending a special event open to males. No children are allowed in the dance studios. Children should never leave the reception area. Any children in the studio must be for a special event or because the student is making a quick stop in the studio. Parents/guardians are responsible for the actions of children brought into the studio.

Medical Emergencies

If a student is injured or there is a medical emergency, we must halt class to assess the situation. Studio instructors/staff are required to call Emergency Services if a head, neck, or other serious injury occurs. The student must decline medical service from the Emergency Services. Studio instructors/staff cannot supply any type of medication to students or administer any type of medical treatment. We will keep ice packs on hand, but all other medical needs must be supplied and administered by the student.

Parties at PRDF

Parties must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. We will schedule parties outside of our regular class schedule. If a party is book less than 2 weeks advance notice, the refund policy is null and void. We will not give a refund on parties booked less than 2 weeks in advance. We will provide 1 opportunity to reschedule the party with 72 hours notice. Payment is required at the time of booking. Additional guests beyond the number initially provide will be charged prior to start of party. Alcoholic beverages cannot be consumed prior to party. Our Vixen Party goers are welcome to bring beverages and/or food.


Payments are required prior to attending classes, workshops, parties. Any decline transactions will require a valid payment method to be secured prior to the class/workshop/party. The studio accept cash, major credit cards, and debit cards.

Decline Autopays

Any declines on autopays for memberships will result in suspension of the membership until a valid form of payment is secured and a $30 NSF fee if paid by ACH.

Service Returns

Returns on services follow the state of Maryland Consumer Protection Laws. Returns on retail purchases vary depending on the item. Please refer to the return policies on your receipt or invoice. If the studio is closed for a month or more, you are entitled to your choice of either an extension of the program/agreement or a prorated refund. If the closing is not the fault of the business, we are entitled to choose. The customer have the right to cancel this (contract/agreement/program) within three business days after receipt of a copy of this agreement. Cancellation must be in writing, and delivered in person or by certified or registered mail. If you cancel, you are entitled to a full refund of all monies paid. If you become disabled for at least 2 months during the membership term and the disability is confirmed in writing by a physician, you are entitled to an extension of the class passes/contract/agreement/program). Since we are exempt from the bonding requirement, we cannot collect payments during a member’s disability extension so that we are not holding more than three months’ payment in advance. For disabilities needing more than 2 months of rehabilitation, the customer may request a prorated refund of the unused amount remaining on their account. If the customer has a temporary (less than 2 months) injury, an extension may be granted as per the recommendation of a physician. If a class/session is cancelled due to no fault of the customer, the customer will have the class/session credited back to their account. In the case for workshops and parties, if it cannot be rescheduled within 30 days by the studio, the studio will provide a full refund back to the customer. Otherwise, it will be credited towards the rescheduled party/workshop. If the customer is relocated outside of a 30 mile radius of the studio, a prorated refund will be given for any classes/time not used on purchased passes. There will be no refunds or extensions on class/monthly/series passes outside of the items listed above.

Merchandise Returns

All merchandise must be returned within 7 days, unworn, with original packaging for refunds. Studio has discretion on damaged or defective items.

What do I wear to pole class?

In a beginner pole class, we suggest close fitting shorts with no more than a one inch inseam and tank top. The better you get at pole the less clothes you’ll wear. Polers learn quickly that skin is required to stick to the pole! There is no jewelry except earrings close to the ear in pole classes. Rings can get damaged and will damage the finish on the poles. Necklaces and dangling earrings can get caught during moves and damaged. Also, please do not use any oils or lotions on the body at least 8 hours prior to a pole class. There are a few products that may be used that does not make the skin oily or slippery. Ask your instructor or the front desk staff. Note: Some classes may allow or require heels. Please speak to the front desk or the instructor about type of heels that are appropriate for each class.

Do I need heels?

Unless specifically noted, heel will be optional or not allowed in class. Please refer to the class requirements or description when scheduling to confirm. Your instructor or the front desk will be happy to consult on types of shoes to be worn in class.

What should I wear to aerial yoga?

Leggings and t-shirt is recommended for aerial yoga classes. Student will have barefeet or can wear yoga socks.